Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Unnaturally Vegan Doll

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The Unnaturally Vegan Doll herself.

The Unnaturally Vegan Doll's embroidery and
crocheted edging.

The Unnaturally Vegan Doll's wild hair.

The Unnaturally Vegan Doll's embroidered leaves.

The Unnaturally Vegan Doll's knit bloomers.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Price: $90.00

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The Un-Naturally Vegan Doll is an all-acrylic, all polyester, hand-made, soft sculpture knitted doll. She is stuffed with honest-to-goodness polyester fiberfill. Her skin is knitted acrylic yarn -- the stockinette stitch. the inner body is muslin. The hair is acrylic multi-tonal yarn in shades of light cream all the way down to
dark chocolate. She is wearing a knitted dress of forest green and tulip pink, and the skirt is gathered and embroidered with sprigs of forest green leaves in a random pattern. Under it all is a little pair of knitted bloomers, gathered and frilled at the legs. The head shape is hand-tied with cotton twine, in the Waldorf-style, and her hair is hand-sewn. The facial features are hand embroidered in cotton floss. This doll is poseable, with moveable button joints in the shoulders and hips. The Un-Naturally-Vegan Doll is about 10.5" tall, and wonderfully chubby. The clothing is completely handmade - even the pattern designs are our own.